Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm

Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm Wedding

On January 14th, 2023, while the morning air was filled with a crisp chill, a tale of love unfolded that was destined to warm the hearts of all who witnessed it at this Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm wedding.

Winter weddings have a unique charm that sets them apart from other seasons. While summer weddings may be the most popular, winter weddings offer a romantic and cozy atmosphere that can be truly magical.

With meticulous attention to detail by the masterful hands of With Great Love, this celebration became a living canvas of elegance, dreams, and the promise of a lifelong journey together.

bride and groom recess down floral aisle at Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm wedding

The Couple

Life has a way of intertwining destinies, and so it was for Dave and Monica. Their connection was sparked within the walls of a hospital in Little Rock, where their individual stories merged into a narrative of love and companionship. Dave, having ventured from distant shores, found his heart’s home in Arkansas, where Monica’s roots had long been embedded. Their story became a testament to the serendipitous nature of life, where two strangers found solace, love, and ultimately, each other.

wedding portraits at Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm outdoor venue

A Clean and Classic Winter Vibe

The wedding’s essence can be described in two words: clean and classic. From the choice of colors to the venue itself, every element was meticulously selected to create an atmosphere of timeless beauty.

The Venue: Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm

Nestled in the hills to the east of Fayetteville, AR, Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm was the perfect canvas for Monica and Dave’s celebration. The chapel’s castle-like design and mood lighting created romance and mystique to the day’s events. It was a fitting choice for a couple who wanted their special day to have an air of elegance and wonder.

outdoor ceremony stone chapel space at MattLane Farm in Arkansas

A Connection Beyond Blood

One of the most touching aspects of Dave and Monica’s wedding was the incorporation of their unique family dynamic. Dave’s son walked Monica down the aisle, symbolizing the joining of their families and the love that knows no bounds. This heartfelt gesture resonated deeply with everyone present, reminding us all that family is not solely defined by blood.

groom's son escorts bride down the aisle

Winter Warmth

While the wedding took place in the heart of winter, the day was graced with a mild temperature of around 50 degrees. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement, as guests gathered to witness a formal outdoor ceremony and later enjoyed an indoor reception with a roaring real fire.

Entertainment and Delights

Brock Entertainment took the reins, turning the reception into a lively dance floor. Light-up dance sticks illuminated the night as guests danced the night away, enveloped in an atmosphere of joy and celebration. The energy was a reflection of the couple’s spirit and their desire to create a memorable and entertaining experience for their loved ones.

A Stroke of Artistry

Amid the festivities, a unique touch stole the spotlight—a live painter capturing the couple’s first look, Kristine Westwood. This artistic interpretation of their love story added an element of whimsy and creativity to the day. The painter’s ability to encapsulate the emotions of the moment was truly a work of art, creating a cherished keepsake that will forever remind Dave and Monica of their first moments as a married couple.

live wedding painter at Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm wedding

The With Great Love Touch

Behind every exceptional wedding, there’s a team that weaves dreams into reality. With Great Love, the force behind Dave and Monica’s celebration, left no stone unturned in ensuring every detail was perfect. From selecting the venue to crafting mood boards and floral designs, their dedication was unwavering. Their commitment to delivering the best was evident in the small touches, like setting up propane heaters to keep guests warm in the January breeze.

bride and groom first dance at Arkansas stone chapel wedding venue

Vendor Collaborations

The wedding was a collaborative masterpiece, with an array of skilled vendors contributing their talents. The hair and makeup by Kakki Jones, photography by Kari Bjorn, and videography by Wild Bloom Films ensured that every moment was captured beautifully. The bridal party’s attire, including the bride’s stunning taffeta A-line dress from Unveiled Bridal, added elegance to the affair. Earth & Thorn’s epic rose aisle runner and floral arrangements, Chef Matt Cooper’s culinary delights, and Alexander Baking Co.’s cake were all key ingredients in creating a feast for the senses.

luscious babies breath floral aisle runner at outdoor wedding in Arkansas
chic all white wedding cake with 3D details

A Tapestry of Memories

As guests reveled in the celebrations, surrounded by the lounge from Alchemy Event Rentals and ceremony music serenaded by Cello by Austin, the bar offerings from Fossil Cove Brewing Co. and Liquor World Fayetteville kept spirits high. Tie 1 On’s bartending expertise ensured that every glass was raised in celebration. And who could forget the unique touch of live painting by Kristine Westwood, immortalizing the day’s magic on canvas?

musician playing the cello at Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm wedding

Dave and Monica’s wedding day was a reflection of their journey—two paths converging into one beautiful story. From the unique family connections to the artistry woven into every detail, it was a celebration that left a mark on everyone fortunate enough to be a part of it. With Great Love’s dedication, coupled with the expertise of each vendor involved, transformed a winter day into a timeless, enchanting affair.

As we reflect on this love-filled occasion, it serves as a reminder that when love is the driving force, the result is nothing short of magic. You can view more Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm photos here in the With Great Love Events portfolio.

Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm Wedding Vendor List

Wedding Planning – With Great Love

Venue – Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm

Hair & Makeup – Kakki Jones –

Photo – Kari Bjorn 

Video – Wild Bloom Films 

Dress – Unveiled Little Rock

Floral – Earth & Thorn

Private Chef – Chef Matt Cooper – Conifer Bentonville 

Cake – Alexander Baking Co 

Rentals – Eventures

Lounge – Alchemy Event Rentals

DJ – Brock Entertainment 

Cello – Cello by Austin 

Photobooth – Social Photo Booth Co

Bartending – Tie 1 On

Bar – Fossil Cove Brewing Co & Liquor World Fayetteville 

Live Painting – Kristine Westwood 

Transportation – Pinnacle Car Services 

Stationary – Wild Beaver Print Co 






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