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Arkansas Wedding Venue Hosts Vintage, Romantic Affair

Bryn and Hector’s Bentonville wedding was a dream come true for the couple, a day filled with love, tradition, and unique personal touches. It was a vintage, classic, and romantic affair at Arkansas wedding venue, The Record, that left an indelible mark on the hearts of all who attended.

The Couple

Bryn and Hector’s love story began at the University of Arkansas many years ago. Bryn is a dedicated registered nurse, while Hector is a talented engineer. Their connection was undeniable from the start at a U of A tailgate one fall day, and it led them down the path to a stunning wedding day in July of ’23.

A Blend of Cultures and Traditions

This wedding was more than a celebration of love; it was a blend of cultures and traditions. Hector’s Mexican heritage and Bryn’s Texan roots were woven throughout the day. The couple was determined to honor their families and bring their unique backgrounds together.

The Wedding Day Feeling

From the moment we arrived at the ceremony venue, St. Stephen’s Catholic Church, the atmosphere was electric. Bryn and Hector were a constant source of joy, their laughter and shared moments lighting up the surroundings.

The emotion of the day was palpable. Family and friends had traveled from near and far, even internationally, to be part of this joyous celebration. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and a sense of unity that will be remembered for years to come.

Arkansas Wedding Venue: St. Stephen’s Catholic Church & The Record

The couple’s choice of venues was deeply meaningful. Hector’s Catholic roots led them to St. Stephen’s Catholic Church for the ceremony, where they exchanged vows in a beautiful and traditional setting. The reception took place at Arkansas wedding venue The Record, an industrial space that provided the perfect canvas for bringing their vintage tastes to life.

Catholic Church Bentonville Ar
St Stephen’s Catholic Church Bentonville Ar

Attire and Color Palette

Bryn looked stunning in her 3rd generation wedding gown, a heartfelt connection to the strong marriages in her family’s history. For the reception, she changed into a handmade slip, crafted with love by her aunt. The combination of her family’s history and her own unique style was both touching and stylish.

The color palette of the wedding was black and white with vintage accents, featuring pink and red floral details. The choice was not only visually appealing but also a nod to the classic and romantic theme of their day.

Wedding Bentonville AR
bride groom Bentonville AR

Family Traditions and Sentimental Touches

One of the most heartwarming aspects of the day was how Bryn and Hector incorporated their families into the celebration. Bryn’s wedding gown, passed down through generations, was a symbol of enduring love. The cake was adorned with the topper from her parents’ wedding, and her reception dress was a labor of love, handmade by her aunt. The couple was also married at St Stephen’s Catholic Church in Bentonville which was a testament to Hector’s family and traditions.

bride groom Bentonville AR
catholic wedding ceremony

Special Moments

While the entire day was filled with love and laughter, one moment stood out as particularly swoon-worthy. After the formalities of the reception, Bryn and Hector shared a private last dance. They sipped champagne from the bottle, danced to their favorite songs, and sang their hearts out. It was a moment of pure, unbridled love that left a lasting impression on myself and photographers present.

bride groom Bentonville AR
bride groom Bentonville AR

The With Great Love Touch

Behind every beautiful wedding, is a team turning those Pinterest board visions into reality! With Great Love, the force behind Bryn & Hector’s vintage celebration, left no detail unnoticed ensuring everything was perfect. One of the unique contributions made by With Great Love was organizing a downtown bar crawl for guests during the gap between the ceremony and cocktail hour, providing a delightful experience that guests cherished. Businesses include: Onyx Coffee, 21c Hotel, Dive Bar, and Pressroom.


Bryn and Hector’s wedding in Bentonville wasn’t just a day of love; it was a feast of traditions, family connections, and personal touches. It radiated vintage charm, classic elegance, and an overflowing sense of joy that will forever be etched in the memories of all who had the privilege of sharing this extraordinary day. As we close this chapter of their love story, we wish Bryn and Hector an enduring journey of love, laughter, and boundless joy.

Vendor List

Wedding Planning – With Great Love

Arkansas wedding venue – St. Stephen’s Catholic Church & The Record

Hair & Makeup – Blossom Beauty & Ghlam by Paige

Photo –  Caitlin Wilson Photography

Floral – Ollie Marie’s Floral Studio

Catering – Sous Chef

Cake – Rick’s Bakery

Rentals – Somethin’ Borrowed

Seating Chart- Alchemy Event Rentals

DJ – DJ Sam

Stationary – Wild Beaver Print Co 






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