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Arkansas Weddings: The Perfect Time

Planning a wedding is an exciting and joyful experience, and one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is choosing the right time for your wedding ceremony. Arkansas weddings include vintage ballroom estates, eclectic hotels, romantic gardens, and timeless museums to name a few but the time of day and year can significantly impact your special day (think sunset, weather, direction of your ceremony versus shadows). In this blog post, we’ll help you explore the best times for Arkansas weddings.

1. Springtime Weddings in Arkansas (March to May):

Spring in Arkansas is a breathtaking time of year. The blooming flowers, mild temperatures, and lush greenery among the Ozark and Boston Mountains, make it an ideal time for an outdoor wedding. March through May provides a backdrop of dogwoods, azaleas, and other native floral in full bloom. If you opt for a garden wedding, spring is a superb choice, as the weather is usually not too hot or cold, and rain showers are generally light and sporadic. *avg sunset times: 6-8pm

2. Summertime Bliss (June to August):

If you’re a fan of warm weather (as most local are) and long daylight hours, summer could be the perfect time for your Arkansas wedding. The Natural State offers a plethora of outdoor venues, from scenic lakeside settings in the Buffalo River region, to picturesque mountains in Devils Den or the Ouachita Mountains. Just keep in mind that Arkansas summers can be quite hot and humid(July/August), so make sure to schedule your ceremony either in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the sweltering midday heat. Also, have a backup plan in case of sudden rain showers. See our steamy July wedding here. *avg sunset times: 7:30- 8:30pm

3. Fall Foliage Arkansas Weddings (September to November):

Arkansas is renowned for its stunning fall foliage, making this season a popular choice for weddings. With vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, the natural backdrop provides an enchanting atmosphere for your ceremony. Early to mid-fall is the best time to capture the full glory of the changing leaves. Be mindful of the temperature as it gradually cools during this season. A cozy, campfire designed outdoor reception or an earthy indoor venue might be a good idea if you’re worried about the weather. But don’t forget, the time change the first weekend of November! *avg sunset times: 4:59- 7:35pm

4. Winter Wonderland (December to February):

While not as popular as the other seasons, a winter wedding in Arkansas can be absolutely magical. See our January outdoor wedding here. Crisp, cold weather and the potential for a light dusting of snow create a unique and enchanting atmosphere. If you’re a fan of a cozy, intimate setting, this might be the time for you. Keep in mind that winter weddings may require extra planning and preparation due to potential weather-related challenges. *avg sunset times: 7:30pm- 5pm (thanks to the time change!)

5. Sunset or Sunrise:

Regardless of the season you choose, consider the timing of your ceremony within the day. With Great Love is trained to help you identify and think about all possibly impacts to your wedding day ceremony. A sunset ceremony can be particularly romantic, with the fading light and warm colors in the sky adding a special touch to your special day.

6. Special Considerations:

  • Always check local event calendars for any festivals or events that could impact your wedding date or venue availability.
  • Be sure to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather, especially during the unpredictable winter months.
  • Consider the comfort of your guests; provide shade/water or heaters/blankets if necessary.

Ultimately, the best time for Arkansas weddings depend on your personal preferences, style, and the type of atmosphere you want to create. Arkansas wedding venues offer a wide range of possibilities for your special day, no matter the season.

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